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Chocolat is a high calorie, saturated fat, obsessive flavor, swirling in rich creme, meant to lead your taste buds into overdrive. Adjusting the hue takes you from Chocolat, to Peppermint, to Spearmint. No matter the flavor, Chocolat is guaranteed to add pounds to your project.


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for less than $50

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Examples using the CHOCOLAT LiveFont

4 fonts for $195
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Example 1
click to see this example in a new window Did you know that CHOCOLAT comes in many flavors. Some are edible like apple, some are precious like gold and silver, some are elemental like ice, air, water and clouds. But they all are CHOCOLAT. High calorie, high resolution and highly addictive.
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8 fonts for $375
Get all 8 of our fonts and save $213

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Example 2
click to see this example in a new window Get your sugar-free candy right here It comes in three flavors: Pepperming, Spearmint and CHOCOLAT. Mouth watering, yummy and crunchy, all in the same package.
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