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LiveFonts for LiveType,
Motion and Final Cut Pro
- animated fonts for film
and video projects -

Frequently Asked Questions:

?  1.  Broken links, missing plug-in messages, can't see your sample movies...
        - Why do I see broken links on your pages?
        - My browser says something about missing plug-ins?
        - I can't see your sample movies?
?  2.  Who is Kagi?
?  3.  What do I get when I order a font?
?  4.  How do I install a font?
?  5.  What characters are in your fonts?
?  6.  I need a special font. Can you help?
?  7.  Motion Vs Appearance
=  1.  Broken links, missing plug-in messages, can't see your sample movies...
In order to browse this site you need to have Apple's QuickTime 6 installed.
If you see a broken link icon or your browser protests something about a plug-in problem then you need to install Apple's QuickTime 6.
» Get QuickTime from Apple
Also, our sample movies can be large and take awhile to show in your browser if your internet connection is slow. If you are using a moden instead of broadband connection you will have to wait for some of our pages to load.

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=  2.  Who is Kagi?
Kagi was our partner for order processing. Now we do all that ourselves. See our How to Order page.
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=  3.  What do I get when I order a font?
You get an AFD file, an AFP file, an MP4 proxy movie and a LiveType project folder:
  • the AFD file is the actual font information used by LiveType;
  • the AFP file is a helper file for LiveType that displays the characters of our fonts in the LiveType interface. It also displays the correct proxy movie (preview of the font) in the LiveType Media Browser;
  • the MP4 file is a small movie, a proxy movie in LiveType terminology, that gives you a small, animated preview of our font in the LiveType interface;
  • the LiveType project folder contains several LiveType project files. These are the files we used to create our example movies. The projects show you different ways to use our font and includes different colors, transitions, introductions, timings etc., etc., etc.;
  • the Example movies folder contains several QuickTime movies created from the LiveType projects in the LiveType folder.
If you would like to see a screen shot of one of our CD-ROMs click here.

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=  4.  How do I install a font?
When you purchase a font you get a CD-ROM.
You have to copy some files from the CD-ROM to very specific places on your hard drive in order for LiveType to recognize our fonts:
  • The AFD file must be copied to:
  • The AFP and the MP4 files must be copied to:

    (if the folder doesn't exist you will have to create it.)
  • You can put our LiveType project folder anywhere you like.
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=  5.  What characters are in your fonts?
All of our fonts include the following 127 characters.
These 127 vharacters are in every font.

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=  6.  I need a special font. Can you help?
Yes, we can. We can design and build LiveFonts to order. Just contact us via email at to talk to us about your font.
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=  7.  Motion Vs Appearance
When you use our fonts it's important to make a distinction between the animation we build into them and the appearance we give them. You can't change the animation in the font except to speed it up, slow it down or make it more random in LiveType. You can change the appearance in almost limitless ways. What this means is that you can get a lot of use out of our fonts. If you like the animation but you need a different hue, saturation, brightness, orientation, slant, rotation or effect you know you can get what you need in LiveType.

There are also many, many other possibilities for customizing our fonts in LiveType (scaling, stretching, animating on the screen, animating off the screen, shadowing, etc., etc., etc.). See the More Info page for each of our fonts to see a few of the possibilities. And, when you purchase our fonts you get a LiveType project file with examples ready to use in your own projects.
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