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If you took a lush sound and wired it around a character what would you get? (We wonder about things like this in our never ending quest to find spectacular and useful LiveFonts.)
It took months of experimentation but we finally answered the question: you get SONIDA. (SONIDA is almost Spanish for "sound" in case you're interested).

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US FLAG family
Are you already involved in the current political fracas? This font will be very useful in the next few months and anytime you need a symbol of our great nation.
US FLAG is a family of 3 fonts:
(OK, maybe our names are just a little bit tricky but the fonts are very useful)
Use them in combination to get a clear national reference with good readability.
All three fonts feature a peacefully waving graphic of the US flag.

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WARHOL family
It's like stepping back into the 60's. The days of the Beatles, Pop Art, Peter Max and, of course, our favorite (and the person to whom we dedicate this font) Andy Warhol.
A perfect "retro" font that brings back memories of "flower power" and "The Electric Kool-Acid Acid Test". is proud to present the only legal way to "go trippin'." The only thing missing the "Black Light" and some "Doors" music.

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Chocolat is a high calorie, saturated fat, obsessive flavor, swirling in rich creme, meant to lead your taste buds into overdrive. Adjusting the hue takes you from Chocolat, to Peppermint, to Spearmint. No matter the flavor, CHOCOLAT is guaranteed to add pounds to your project.

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Undulator is a slowly undulating display font. Its default color is a richly saturated red-orange that changes during the animation. This default is just the starting place for many, many variations in LiveType.

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MARQUEE was inspired by those marvelous theater display signs that were made entirely of lights. We've done a version for the digital age but kept the lights.

» READ more info and VIEW the examples
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Love the feeling of those languid afternoons at the pool? So do we. Since we spend all our time in front of a screen instead of actually being at the pool we decided to bring the feeling of those days to us, and you, in a font that is drenched with liquid loveliness.

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We captured the flashing lights of the circus and its carnival rides for this display font. Use it when you need a colorful, fun feeling to your production.

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