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MARQUEE was inspired by those marvelous theater display signs that were made entirely of lights. We've done a version for the digital age but kept the lights.


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Examples using the MARQUEE LiveFont

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Example 1
click to see this example in a new window We show off MARQUEE by giving an animated twist (and spin and flip and flash) to two of our favorite emoticons: =:-) and @):-). The example ends with another electric effect (a version of the "Bad Connection" effect in LiveType). Note that the flashing and the "on-off" effect are added to MARQUEE in LiveType and are not part of the font's animation.
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Example 2
click to see this example in a new window This example gives you a long look at the MARQUEE font. The first section introduces the text with a variation of the "Bad Connection" effect from LiveType then shows you "MARQUEE" spelled out letter by letter. The transition from letter to letter is the "Bad Connection" effect that ships with LiveType. The second section shows you three lines of text set in Marquee. Each line has a different speed and the first and third lines demonstrate a range of color and luminance effects.
» Click to see this example, 6 MB, in a new window.
Example 3
click to see this example in a new window Our designer has gotten creative again. This time she built a city with the characters of the font MARQUEE and you get to watch as day changes into night. See the moon and stars come out. Maybe you'll see a shooting star. The entire scene is built with just the font MARQUEE and LiveType.
» Click to see this example, 3 MB, in a new window.

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