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US FLAG family
Are you already involved in the current political fracas? This font will be very useful in the next few months and anytime you need a symbol of our great nation.
US FLAG is a family of 3 fonts:
- US FLAG (made with both the stars and stripes of the US flag)
- US FLAG - STARS (made from just the stars)
- US FLAG - STRIPES (is just the stripes)
(OK, maybe our names are just a little bit tricky but the fonts are very useful)
Use them in combination to get a clear national reference with good readability.
All three fonts feature a peacefully waving graphic of the US flag.

See the examples below for ideas how to use the US FLAG family individually and in combination. Changing the hue and saturation can create a lot of interesting possibilities too. Note that US FLAG works well in combination with the Macintosh system font Gill Sans.

$99 (2 CDs)

If you order 4 of our fonts you can get the US FLAG family
for less than $50

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Examples using the US FLAG Family LiveFonts
Example 1
click to see this example in a new window A few important words from the American constitution are the content of this example, and you can see how the three fonts in the US FLAG family can be used together and individually. Notice that the built in LiveType effects can generate very captivating animations with US FLAG.
» Click to see this example, 6 MB, in a new window.
Example 2
click to see this example in a new window Using a few of the special characters you can simulate graphics, like a flag, patriotic borders, etc. This example also shows clearly the differences between the three LiveFonts that make up the US FLAG family.
» Click to see this example, 1 MB, in a new window.

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