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WARHOL Outline


Smooth Outline

WARHOL family
It's like stepping back into the 60's. The days of the Beatles, Pop Art, Peter Max and, of course, our favorite (and the person to whom we dedicate this font) Andy Warhol. A perfect "retro" font that brings back memories of "flower power" and "The Electric Kool-Acid Acid Test". is proud to present the only legal way to "go trippin'."

WARHOL is a "SuperFont" - actually 4 independent and interdependent fonts that can stand alone or combined. The possibilities are endless; not only in combining the fonts, but in controlling their hue. These fonts can shift all the way through the color spectrum and still retain their "Pop Art" color scheme. The only thing missing is the "Black Light" and some "Doors" music in the background.

The four LiveFonts that make up the Warhol Family are:
WARHOL - an animated outline with the character matted inside.
WARHOL Outline - the animated outline with no matte character.
WARHOL Matte - the character matte, unanimated.
WARHOL Smooth Outline - a smooth, unanimated outline with no character matted inside.

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Examples using the WARHOL LiveFonts
Example 1
click to see this example in a new window This example shows a very painterly use of WARHOL. It features some very "POP" color changes and some very "LiveType" effects.
» Click to see this example, 4.2 MB, in a new window.
Example 2
click to see this example in a new window This examples really shows off the usefulness of WARHOL. You get to see all four members of the WARHOL family and a lot of very beautiful, attention getting colors. Be sure to study the example carefully in LiveType to see how we achieved these effects.
» Click to see this example, 1.6 MB, in a new window.

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